Death Certificates

The following items are listed for your convenience to help you determine the number of Certified Copies of The Certificate of Death which may be required.
Certified copies are issued ln Indiana by the health department of the county in which the death occurred, or by The State of Kentucky at Frankfort if the death occurred in Kentucky. Certified copies of The Death Certificate bear a raised seal; photocopies may be sufficient ln some cases.

______ PROPERTY. It will be necessary to delete the name of the deceased from a property deed. This will require one certified copy, together, with a legal description of the property for each county.

______ SOCIAL SECURITY. The funeral home will notify the Social Security Administration of the death. If there is not a surviving spouse, the notification is sufficient. If there is a surviving spouse, there will be a death benefit of $255.00 payable to that person. If there are minor children, there may be survivor’s benefits. In either case, the Social Security office must be contacted by the family. One certified copy of the Death Certificate is required.

______ OFFICE OF VETERANS AFFAIRS. If the deceased was a veteran, there may be benefits. One certified copy. along with the discharge certificate, service record (photocopies) will be necessary to claim the benefits.

______ INSURANCE. Each insurance company will require one certified copy of the Death Certificate regardless of the number of polices with that company. Health insurance companies do not require a copy. NOTE: If the deceased was a beneficiary on any policy, you should remove that name as soon as possible.

______ INVESTMENTS. If the deceased had investments, such as Certificates of Deposit, holdings in Mutual Funds, stock in a company, etc., one certified copy will be needed for each company or financial institution which money was held.

______ AIRLINE FARES. Some airlines offer a bereavement fare for those family members flying at the time of a death. One certified copy may be required to claim that fare. Check with the airline for their requirements.

______ INSURANCE LOANS AND CREDIT CARDS. Many loan companies, banks, or other credit lending institutions may require life insurance on the loan or credit card, to pay off the loan or balance. One certified copy of the Death Certificate will be required for each of these companies

______ INCOME TAX RETURN. If the deceased filed a joint income tax return last year. One certified copy will be necessary to file with this years' return.

______ PROBATE COURT. lf you are planning to probate the Last Will and Testament of the deceased; one certified copy of the Certificate of Death will be required to file with the courts. Check with your attorney.

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